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  • 彩页印刷的流程及注意事项
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1, color page planning is in line with the design of the theme, for the printing method, layout size, printing theme, the number of printing colors, etc., need to enter a detailed planning to complete the exquisite production

2. Color design and production should be compiled, designed and typesetted according to the printing plan, which is the preliminary operation procedure of manuscript making. Meanwhile, photography and illustration drawing should also be arranged, and the schedule of production workshop coordinated by various manufacturers should be arranged to make all elements more detailed.

3, color printing production output and plate making homework propaganda official correspondence into the process finished, pictures with electronic color separation machine scanning color separation, rushed out of the accurate number over net, and text and illustrations follow the instructions of the improvised on the puzzle, and then to print my homework, and then print color proofing back to the hands of the designers for final check.

4, color page printing proofreading before the last pivotal step, is the need to check whether the color proofing is in line with the proofing instructions, and accurately convey to the typesetting staff, to avoid unnecessary losses.

5. Print the modified four-color screen to the printing plate through the color page printing class, and send the modified four-color screen to the printing machine for printing.

6. The most common post-press lithography is cutting, line pressing, folding, gluing, etc. As for brochures, catalogues, company colour pages and the final printing and binding process, it depends on the number of pages, the type of paper used, the level of elegance and the way in which they are used.